TIL's board is comprised of illustrators working across a range of disciplines, from traditional to digital media. Our organizational structure is non-hierarchical, allowing each member to leverage their skill set and assert their expertise with equal impact. 



Michael Nÿkamp
Michael is a graphic designer, illustrator, and owner of mkn design, a small yet experienced design and illustrative studio. He studied Fine Art, Illustration and New Media Design at Sheridan College of Art and Design (in Ontario, Canada). He currently works with a diverse group of clients across a variety of industries, utilizing his minimalist illustrative style to complement his sensibilities as a graphic designer.



Lucy Engleman
Lucy is an illustrator in the most traditional sense of the word. Her intricate line work often nods to her fascination with the natural world. She graduated from the University of Michigan with a BFA. She works with a
variety of clients, such as TIME magazine, Bon Appetit, Outside Magazine, Patagonia, and Lagunitas Brewing Company.



Jason Rood
Jason Rood is an Educator, Artist, and Future Therapist. His educational background includes a BFA in Illustration from Grand Valley State University, an MFA in Painting and Printmaking from Virginia Commonwealth University and he is currently pursuing a Masters in Social Work at GVSU. Jason is interested in teaching, community development and making art about the tension between personal and corporate narratives.



Alysha Lach White
Alysha is an independent illustrator and designer working with many businesses and nonprofit organizations to provide illustration needs for development of products and services. She previously was a member of the AIGA West Michigan Diversity and Inclusion committee. Also, she founded Little Space Studio, a co-working social enterprise focused on building up and supporting independent creative professionals. 



Libby VanderPloeg
Libby is a Michigan-based illustrator and designer. She grew in West Michigan, lived in Chicago, Brooklyn, and Stockholm before returning to the lakeshore in 2017. Illustratively, She likes to play with a lot of different media, from cut paper and watercolor to digital paint and animation. What I love about my work is being able to work with clients from a broad range of industries (e.g. publishing, nonprofits, beauty, food, fashion) with different objectives.



Kimberly Wolting
Kimberly is a Software Consultant and Designer at Atomic Object and passionate about projects and organizations that facilitate social change through design and illustration. She holds degrees in Illustration and Graphic Design from Grand Valley State University and a Master’s Certificate in Graphic Design from the Florence Design Academy. Formally the AIGA Director of Design For Good West Michigan and a Co-Founder of Ladies That UX GR.





Kevin White
Kevin White is UX Designer and Illustrator with over 18 years experience in new media. His career began as a layout artist for newspaper and has grown to design work for such companies as Apple, Google X, frog, Nike, NPR, and more. He has also taught in higher education for 6 years, in addition to leading a variety of creative workshops. He has a deep love what he does and strongly believes in an ego-free sharing of knowledge.